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Postdoctoral researchers

PhD and MScRes

MSc and MSci

Joshua Clancy (MSc, 2022)

Trends in survival of Manx shearwaters breeding on Bardsey Island

Joey Bauer (MSc, 2022)

Individual consistency and temporal trends in harbour seal pupping phenology


Rhea Burton (PhD, 2015 - 2022): How does resource availability affect elephant movements across spatio-temporal scales? (co-supervisor)

Alejandra Vergara Pena (PhD, 2015 - 2019): Integrating bottlenose dolphin conservation management with ecotourism development.

Thomas LeClair (MSc 2021): What is the best survey regime for carrying out demographic studies of marine mammals?


Rachel Malbon (MSc 2021): Comparing the activity budgets of Manx Shearwaters (Puffinus puffinus) from two different colonies.

Kaydy Edwards (MSci 2020/2021): Do marine mammals follow Rensch’s rule of sexual size dimorphism?

Wint Hte Hte (MSc 2020): Age- and Sex-specific Survival of Harbour Seals using Bayesian Survival Trajectory Analysis (BaSTA).

Thomas Johnstone (MSc 2020): Improving bottlenose dolphin abundance estimates using the poisson-log model mark-resight model.

Ben Walley (MSc 2020): Annual and monthly trends in the abundance of bottlenose dolphins using the Moray Firth SAC, Scotland.

Shemar Blakeney (MSc 2020): Estimating demographic parameters of killer whales in UK waters from opportunistic data.

And many more...

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