Sarah Bond (PhD candidate, 2017 - )

Demographic consequences of variation in individual foraging strategies of northern fulmars.

Co-supervisors: Charles Bishop & Paul Thompson (Aberdeen)

Owain Barton (PhD candidate, 2017 - )

Environmental and human drivers of fallow deer movement and habitat use.

Primary supervisor: Graeme Shannon

ALASTAIR FEATHER (PhD candidate, 2017 - )

Balancing commercial shellfish harvest and shorebird conservation.

Co-supervisor: Dr Jan Hiddink; Business partner: Kim Mould, MytiMussels.

GEMMA VENERUSO (PhD candidate, 2016 - )

An applied approach to investigating disturbance of cetaceans by tidal energy developments.

Co-supervisors: Dr Gordon Hastie and Prof Lewis Le Vay

ALEJANDRA VERGARA PEÑA (PhD candidate, 2015 - )

Integrating bottlenose dolphin conservation management with ecotourism development. 

Co-supervisors: Prof John Turner, Dr Peter Evans (SeaWatch) & James Waggitt.

RHEA BURTON (PhD candidate, 2015 - , co-supervisor)

How does resource availability affect elephant movements across spatiotemporal scales?

Primary supervisor: Dr Graeme Shannon.

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